Markets and Corporate and Investment Banking

We provide global perspective and industry emphasis to our corporate and institutional clients, emphasising the value of long-term relationships. We’ve worked with customers for almost a century to develop strategies for managing capital and risk, establishing long-term relationships, and sustaining growth in global and local markets.

Our corporate and investment banking experts have extensive expertise and knowledge of the sectors they service, as well as how global business cycles affect those businesses. Through a variety of proprietary goods and services, they provide experience in capital transactions, acquisition finance, and access to capital markets, as well as sales and trading distribution. 1,2

States of America

Our bankers offer a wide range of products and services to multinational firms based in the United States, as well as non-Japanese Asian corporations and financial institutions conducting business in the United States. We have the strength and industry knowledge to drive important transactions, backed by a personalised, comprehensive approach and a commitment to your company’s future growth as a worldwide partner.

Corporate and investment banking across the world

We provide access to the loan, bond, and equity capital markets as well as securitized products through our corporate and investment banking platform, which includes project finance, leasing and asset-based finance, supply chain finance, securitization, corporate consulting, and loan syndications.

International Markets

Through FX and local markets trading, derivatives, structured solutions, equities, and flow products, including credit and rates, our sales and trading professionals support corporate and institutional clients with the distribution of primary products, tailored risk solutions, and trade execution in the secondary markets. 1,2

We assist corporations be ready to capitalise on new chances that can improve their future business prospects by predicting their needs and providing proactive solutions.

Corporate Banking in Japan

We have a long history of providing services to Japanese companies and financial institutions conducting business in the Americas. Our bankers collaborate closely with MUFG teams in Japan to provide global financial solutions on a single platform, including corporate and investment banking services.

South America

MUFG Bank Ltd. has given services to enterprises doing business in Latin America since established our first office in the region 100 years ago. Today, MUFG serves clients from locations spanning six countries, from Mexico to Brazil, and provides specialist services in the following industries:

  • Agriculture \sAutomotive\sEnergy
  • monetary services
  • Food and drinks
  • Mining and Metals
  • Gas and Oil
  • Utilities and Power


For for than 60 years, MUFG has provided worldwide banking solutions in Canada. That long-term commitment is ingrained in our culture and principles.

We are a wholesale corporate banking firm based in Toronto with offices in Montreal and Vancouver. Our products and services include syndicated loans, securitization, treasury management, deposits, foreign currency, trade financing, and cash management.

We expanded our capital markets business into Canada, providing debt and equity securities underwriting services in Canadian dollars. Our Canadian broker-dealer, staffed locally, offers capital markets and fixed income securities.

Local and global clients in a variety of industries benefit from our combined financial experience, including:

  • Managers of Assets
  • Transportation and Automobiles
  • Industrial Diversification
  • Energy
  • Financials
  • Mining and Metals
  • Utilities and Power
  • Project Funding
  • Retail

Telecommunications, media, and technology

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