Job Description for an Investment Banker

What is the role of an investment banker?

Investment bankers work for banks but also help clients from a number of businesses. The primary responsibility of an investment banker is to provide a variety of financial services to businesses and governments. As an investment banker, you’ll utilise your knowledge to help customers achieve their financial objectives.

Investment banker responsibilities

Typical roles and duties include:

  • Putting long- and short-term financial plans into action
  • Identifying fresh business possibilities
  • Working with other specialists to assist your clients, such as lawyers and accountants
  • Modeling financial data
  • Organizing and negotiating financial transactions
  • Investigating new marketing circumstances and trends

Working conditions and hours for investment bankers

Investment banking is one of the highest-paying professions. As a result, they work long days, sometimes up to fifteen hours every day. Although the employment is mostly based on weekdays, you will be expected to work on weekends at times, particularly as your projects approach critical phases.

Because investment banking is a global profession, you may be asked to collaborate with people from all over the world. Working in multiple time zones implies that your work schedule may change.

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