Making Your Money Work for You

Shop for groceries

The grocery store is one of the first locations where you can make your money go further; several of the larger supermarket chains offer no-cost loyalty programmes. My older son recently discovered that getting a store loyalty card for the grocery that he uses through Instacart can save him money (there is no cost–you only submit your name and cell phone).

He saved $10 on a recent order just by entering his loyalty number, and it was that simple. When it comes time to fill up my gas tank, the local supermarket I frequent gives us cents off per gallon of gas (up to specified maximums), and given the size of my tank, this adds up to real money.


Many of the restaurants you frequent follow the same principle. Scanning your customer number might earn you benefits ranging from free food to points that can be redeemed for free things. These incentive programmes have grown in popularity to the point where some traditional fast food restaurants are now using them as well.

You can also take advantage of the holiday specials offered by many high-end eateries. If your favourite restaurant offers a buy $100 gift card, get $25 free promotion, buy a gift card for yourself and your family and you’ve just received a 25% discount. There is no requirement that the gift card be given away or as a gift.

Cards of credit

The advantages connected with some credit cards are another wonderful way to put your money to work for you; these perks offer so much that I published an entire post about them, 5 Benefits of Credit Cards! Credit cards can help your money work for you if you pay them off each month and don’t carry a balance. Just be sure you have the correct card and that it offers the perks you desire. The trick is to make sure you’re paying down the bill and not jeopardising your credit for a few extra benefits.


Then there’s the matter of travel…. One of the most important aspects of this one is loyalty. Frequenting the same firm, whether it’s a hotel chain or an airline, might earn you benefits. However, flights on our favourite carrier were occasionally more expensive in our instance. Finally, having status came with a first-class trip photo of me! It was an honour to be recognised for our devotion to their brand.

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