Before filing a National Bicycle Insurance Claim, Here’s What You Should Know

National General Insurance has expanded its customer base because to digitization. Its policyholders can anticipate their claims to be resolved quickly.The Customer Service staff will assist you throughout the procedure.

This is a step-by-step guide to filing a national cashless bike insurance claim.

1. National General Insurance can be reached through Coverfox

To start the claim settlement process, the policyholder should inform the insurer as soon as possible after the incident, whether it’s a theft, an accident, or bike damage. The phone number for National General Insurance is 02248971018. An unpleasant accident should be reported within 24 hours. It is suggested that you photograph the scene of the tragic event and gather evidence.

Witness names, as this will be used as evidence when you file your claim.

2. Make a Demand!

Within 24 hours, a representative from National General Insurance will contact you. You must provide the following information to the representative:

  • Identifier for Policy
  • The date and time of the accident were recorded.
  • Loss description estimated
  • At the survey location, our loss assessor will inspect the car.
  • Name, contact information, and information from the driver’s driver’s licence

3. Contact information for insured

For future reference, the executive provides you a claim reference number. Pick up a claim form at your local branch.

4. Damages Evaluation

A corporate surveyor is deployed to assess the degree of the accident-related damage to the bike. You can give the surveyor the claim form, policy documentation, and evidence.

5. Claims Settlements

After assessing all issues, the surveyor gives his approval. The insurance fulfils its tax and legal duties and reimburses the policyholder for any expenses incurred at the garage in repairing the tenant’s bike. After deducting deductibles and depreciation, the claim amount is computed.

Bonus for No-Claim (NCB)

Every two-wheeler own-damage insurance policy from the National General Insurance Company comes with a no-claim bonus. As a reward for each year of no claims, every insurance company gives own-damage coverage.The benefit is cumulative, meaning it grows with time. When an insured makes a claim, the NCB is disabled. The claim’s worth is negligible. As a result, you should only file a claim if the damage is significant and exceeds the NCB.

In the country, National Insurance Company Limited is a well-known insurer. However, few people realise it is the country’s oldest non-life insurance company. It is also one of India’s only four PSUs (public sector units) that offers general insurance. The brand’s multiple first-to-market products are one of the key reasons for its continued relevance and performance as an insurer.

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