The Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Software Free 

Since most high-quality affiliate software packages, like Scaleo, have a cost, free affiliate tracking software is difficult to come by. Simply put, the programme needs to be purchased in order to guarantee ongoing updates and strong security because a lot of work has gone into its development.

This means that in order to offer top-notch customer support to its business partners, any programme, whether it be a straightforward affiliate management tool or a sophisticated affiliate marketing tracking software, must be able to cover its costs.

2023’s Top 25 Free & Cheap Affiliate Tracking Software


Scaleo is a high-end affiliate programme that offers users some of the most effective tools for managing their businesses.

You can build your own affiliate network or even your own affiliate programme using the SaaS provider Scaleo.

Scaleo is the best affiliate network tracking software since it is a sophisticated affiliate management tool. You may easily distribute affiliate commissions, make an endless number of affiliate campaigns, or expand your current business to include an affiliate partner programme.

Regular plans begin at $299/month, however we provide a 14-day free trial so you can try out our best affiliate marketing software and evaluate all of its advantages for your company. No credit card is necessary to begin your trial or access your dashboard.


A fully functional affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress is called AffiliateWP.

The plugin allows you to sign up affiliates, manage their payouts, and keep track of the referrals they send your way. Without the right plugin, all of this may be challenging.

AffiliateWP has a straightforward approach for handling everything. With the help of the straightforward plugin AffiliateWP, you can quickly set up your affiliate programme, find and manage affiliates, keep track of referrals, and pay affiliate commissions.

This WordPress Plugin is trusted by thousands of companies, including MonsterInsights and AIO SEO. Although AffiliateWP doesn’t provide a free version, its paid plans start at a fair $149 per year. Because it is built on WordPress, this affiliate programme is open source.


You can develop and administer affiliate programmes with ELitius, a well-liked, free, and open-source programme that focuses on enlisting and tracking affiliates, sales, and earnings.

When promoting affiliate links and needing a better understanding of their campaign performance, every blogger needs to have an affiliate marketing tracker in their toolbox. With the help of the software, you may employ several affiliate marketing techniques to boost traffic and conversion rates.

The programme can be downloaded for free, but there is a paid script bonus. After fulfilling the device’s requirements, installing the tool is simple. However, there is a cost of $100 per day if you need to make any customised changes to your proposal.

Essential Components:
  • Free and open-source affiliate apps stand out for their high levels of adaptability, scalability, and customization.
  • He can place your ads on his website when you swiftly join up as an affiliate.
  • The affiliate programme rewards the affiliate when a potential customer completes a transaction.
  • The app offers industry-leading customised models, features, and integration with unique designs.
  • By collaborating with a premier hosting service provider, eLitius also offers top-notch hosting options.
  • The affiliate software solution allows for limitless affiliate additions, free lifetime updates, and support.
  • This framework contains a dependable, strong tracking system in addition to many other cutting-edge features and advantages.
  • You can get started right away because this affiliate marketing programme is available for free download.

For your upcoming affiliate promotion, you can use the free link tracking service LinkTrack. You can use this simple affiliate marketing tool to help with marketing and other aspects of your online affiliate business. A free affiliate tracking tool is LinkTrack.

You can use LinkTrack as an affiliate marketer to track your links for free forever. The app allows you to track an unlimited number of clicks without charge. It is quite easy to use. This programme allows even a beginner to keep track of his clicks.

You won’t find graphical monitoring like LinkTrack’s in other free tools, which allows you to quickly see your link conversion. It also provides precise tracking information. To view all the tracking information, though, you might have to upgrade to the premium edition.

Key characteristics:

  • The quantity of links or clicks is unrestricted.
  • tracking of advertisements, clicks, and impressions.
  • Graphs in full colour are freely available.
  • Use your own domain name to track affiliate links.
  • total command
  • Simple, easy-to-use affiliate tracking software
  • Your entire information is available in one place.
  • tracking data meticulously
  • Our website offers real-time updates for free as well as through our API.

Peerclick is a free affiliate advertising tracking software programme that emphasises real-time outcomes and offers an intuitive affiliate administration system.

Commercials and affiliate marketing tactics are tracked, examined, and improved. You can keep track of every one of your marketing and advertising efforts and expand your affiliate networks.

More than 30 data points can be tracked and converted from a single place. Block Bots are solutions for preventing fraud that help identify any shady behaviour on the website.

Poland and the US both have Peerclick offices.


Affiliate monitoring technologies may be used by marketing firms to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising networks.

To reach more users and run more frequent marketing campaigns, you can join the Peerclick partner network. Peerclicks can be used to automate the workflow process because it is AI software compatible. To manage traffic more effectively, you can create real-time reports.

This free software offers a free preview edition in addition to free solutions. Cost per month for the basic edition is $99.


  • With or without redirects, it is possible to track many third-party deals.
  • assemble trustworthy information from each marketing initiative into a single affiliate tracking platform.
  • You may easily join the ride by keeping an eye on your spending, different conversions, and safe links.
  • The software gathers information from all organic searches and analyses it to offer useful information.
  • Display relevant advertising to your target audience using smart targeting and laws.
  • Additionally, you can divide traffic among the most successful marketing campaigns using autopilot software.
  • To get real-time performance alerts and act right away, customise your updates.
  • The dashboard is where you can instantly access the newest special offers and savings.
  • Watch out for any strange activity, and take steps to block bot traffic.

US state of Florida-based For tracking and reporting links, AffTrack is a free affiliate tracking programme that may be used in businesses as a SaaS solution. If you don’t want many other capabilities, it’s a straightforward and simple method for tracking affiliate sales.

For one month, AffTrack is free to use. To enjoy the full capabilities, though, you must upgrade to a premium membership. For new affiliates, AffTrack is also excessively expensive.

Key characteristics:

  • Analytics in Real-Time – 99.999 percent uptime reliability for real-time affiliate programme monitoring and data access
  • Real-time traffic analysis and notifications can help you safeguard your company from fraud. Fraud Detection and Proxy Detection.
  • No commitments or costs As is typical with commitment plans, there are no additional fees or hidden expenditures. There won’t be any surprises anymore.
  • There aren’t any restrictions on affiliates, offers, or offers themselves. Don’t subject your business to unreasonable restrictions.
  • Offer Tailoring: Exact Offer Targeting with all the necessary features, including Country, Device, Language, and Cap Management.
  • You may safeguard your affiliates and your reputation against cap overages by using our Overflow tool Postback and Redirect Logs.
  • Redirect and Postback logs in their entirety are provided for simple comparison and troubleshooting.
  • Full API Access – Use the full range of APIs available to you to fully administer your account. total control over software connections and customised interfaces
  • Flow rerouting: Create global redirects and policies to make sure that your traffic is always monetized.

WeCanTrack is a free affiliate tool that supports affiliate publishers and marketing campaigns in scaling and optimising their operations.

On platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Data Studio, Microsoft Ads, and others, complete data insights on affiliate conversions are accessible.

You can fully understand your sales statistics and determine which affiliates lead to the best conversions by using analytics software. On the other side, you may expand and automate marketing campaigns with Google Ads.

The Netherlands-based Wecantrack is an affiliate tracking programme.

Key characteristics:

  1. Track every bit of affiliate information in one spot.
  2. For all of your transactions to be converted, select your preferred currency and time zone.
  3. For the WordPress plugin, advanced features include automatic affiliate link cloaking.
  4. Your content should be arranged based on performance outcomes.
  5. Additional benefits include GDPR compliance, a reliable database and server, ease of installation, and data encryption.
  6. The Data Studio assists in automating a number of processes, including creating customised dashboards, filtering data, creating thorough reports and graphs, and quickly sharing information.
  7. The tracking of sales and traffic results is made easier with the help of WeCanTrack’s Facebook affiliate conversion tracking.
  8. It is an affiliate tracking system that includes a variety of functions.
Universal AffiliateClick

The advantages of having your own affiliate programme are:

  • Free affiliate applications
  • a 100%+ increase in traffic
  • You get traffic from other folks.
  • easily maintained
  • Great outcomes quickly
  • The key to getting good traffic!

An affiliate programme with a commission structure can be easily created using AffiliateClick. The best approach to drive quality, focused traffic to your website and boost sales is through a commission affiliate programme. You have nothing to lose with a commission-based programme!


Accurate, current tracking will help you make the best business decisions. HitPath facilitates collaborations throughout the digital marketing sector by providing knowledgeable support.

Understanding the effectiveness and attribution of online marketing expenditures as well as any business that is currently running an affiliate programme is important for everyone who performs online marketing campaigns.

Located in the US, HitPath is a multichannel tracking platform.

Affiliate Tracking for MPA3

In 2000, Mansion Productions—which was established in 1997—released the first commercial cascading affiliate programme software (MPA) in the world. The most widely used affiliate backend in the market today is MPA3®, which swiftly rose to prominence as affiliate administration and tracking software. 


E-commerce merchants and SaaS company owners can build and grow their affiliate programmes with help from LeadDyno.

You can set up an affiliate or referral programme quickly with this tracking software for affiliates. You can easily and effectively manage your affiliates and rewards using LeadDyno. To allocate your internet advertising budget wisely in the future, find out which online marketing platforms are most successful.

The generous 30-day free trial offered by LeadDyno is the only premium plan; others start at $49/month.

Affiliates Coordinator

Like the majority of WordPress-based affiliate trackers, the Affiliate Manager plugin is free and open source.

Use a WordPress e-Commerce plugin or other similar programme?

You may manage an affiliate marketing programme with the help of WP Affiliate Manager to drive more customers to your store and boost sales.

The fastest-growing and most economical form of advertising is affiliate marketing.

The WordPress affiliate plugin makes it easier for affiliates to find partners, sign up, log in, and manage them individually.

Several well-known e-commerce platforms are integrated with Affiliates Manager.

It works with the subsequent scripts:

  • Paying Member Expert
  • GiveWP
  • Striped Gravity Forms
  • Basic Membership
  • Distribute digital downloads
  • Cart for simple purchases
  • Express Checkout for WP
  • PayPal Gravity Forms
  • LifterLMS
  • MemberPress
  • MemberMouse
  • eStore WP
  • AppThemes
  • WooCommerce
  • Exchange for iThemes
  • WP Education
  • Streamlined digital downloads
  • JigoShop
  • OptimizeMember
  • Payments via Stripe
  • WooCommerce Memberships
  • eCommerce WP
  • S2Member

ThirstyAffiliates gives bloggers the resources they need to monetize their WordPress websites through affiliate marketing. It is a free link tracking programme with many features.

enables you to track each click by adding click tracking to your links.

You may view the built-in reports to discover what has become popular on your site over time and how frequently your affiliate links have been clicked. In order to prevent link conflicts that can happen with other systems, proper custom post types are employed.

minimises its database footprint to prevent overburdening your database with data.

Partner Coupons

Promote discount codes to increase sales; discover why Affiliate Coupons is the most user-friendly coupon plugin.

Every feature a coupon plugin may possibly have. One of the features is:

  • Simple creation of affiliate coupons utilising merchants and links. Make aesthetically beautiful lists of the coupons offered by your preferred retailers.
  • shortened code for coupons Your front end needs to look good. Affiliate Coupons presents WP coupons in a tidy manner using an easy-to-manage shortcode.
  • Sort your coupons by value; place the greatest ones front and centre. Which affiliate coupons display at the top of your pages is under your control.
  • Alternatives for presentations using coupon templates – Choose from normal, grid, or list designs to effectively display your coupons on your website. Right now, you can even view our complete template collection.
  • centre or a sidebar? You decide how to display your affiliate coupons; use one of our fully integrated widgets in the sidebar.
  • See how the Affiliate Coupons Plugin functions in action by viewing our live demo of the plugin.
  • To discover how we’ve been continuously enhancing your discount plugin to ensure its success, check out our changelog!
Monitor Code Manager

How can affiliate links be tracked? Easy! A plugin called Tracking Code Manager enables you to handle ALL third-party tracking codes and scripts in a one location.

Blockchain privacy, enterprise cloud eDiscovery technologies, and GDPR compliance products like the WordPress GDPR Framework and Data Identification Manager have all been made available via this plugin.

Whether you want them to appear on specific pages and articles or throughout the entire website, the Tracking Code Manager plugin collects EVERY code and snippet and displays them exactly where you want. swiftly and simply. What’s more, you will be able to get rid of them just as fast and simply.

Accessible Affiliate Links

You can easily manage each affiliate link on your website with the aid of Easy Affiliate Links. both conventional non-cloaked links and beautiful cloaked links. The clicks on your links are automatically recorded.

Key characteristics:

  • The new Gutenberg Block Editor as well as the Classic Editor are both supported.
  • Insert affiliate links using the text widget in Elementor.
  • Use HTML code for affiliates or common hyperlinks.
  • If desired, create shortlinks to conceal your affiliate links.
  • Use UGC and sponsored qualities for your links.
Affiliate Strength

For affiliates that channel all of their marketing efforts through a blog, AffiliatePower is a free WP plugin.

Your affiliate network sales are imported by Affiliate Power. With this, you may get current income reviews and statistics right from the WordPress backend. The entry-level edition is totally free. The post, referrer, campaign, and device that caused the sale are all recorded in the premium edition. You’ll eventually realise what really pays.

The highlighted features are those that are exclusive to the premium edition.

  • Adcell, Awin, Belboon, Commission Junction, Financeads, Digistore24, and Tradedoubler are just a few of the networks that are supported.
  • Sort your import according to the webpage.
  • a summary of all sales
  • daily email updates on new or modified deals
  • Export every sale as a CSV-Excel file.
  • Track revenue by article, page, source, and keyword. URL attributes like the UTM campaign and the device (desktop or mobile)
  • Earnings per partner, network, day, week, month, post, landing page, referrer, URL parameters, and device are included in detailed statistics for each time period.

Enterprise-level retailers can expand their affiliate networks with the aid of MYAP. With specialised tools, procedures, and automation, you can quickly see patterns and possibilities, enhance and optimise each affiliate connection, and do a lot more.

You can efficiently and successfully manage and expand your affiliate programme with MYAP. MYAP is totally adaptable to your company’s requirements. You are not constrained and are not required to change. MYAP, in contrast, adjusts to your company. 

Additionally, you feel as though your firm is totally integrated because your affiliate programme fits your logo and website. Absolute certainty that all referred site traffic, prospects, and sales are tracked and properly attributed is necessary for an affiliate programme to be successful. 


For managing a company’s partnerships with mobile and web marketing, ULUD is the most flexible platform, making it perfect for mobile app affiliate marketing. With the use of the same platform, you may link to work through payouts with your most important partners, including affiliates, networks, influencers, agencies, and any other connections that will aid in the growth of your company. The technology is capable of processing a staggering number of data requests in real time.

Details on pricing: 1,000 clicks are offered each day, FREE of charge, with no functionality constraints. Everyone can use the free version, and if you decide you need more features and want to pay, the affiliate software is still quite affordable.


Skro is a user-friendly affiliate marketing tracking and analytics tool hosted in the cloud. The tracker is designed to assist media buyers and affiliate marketers in keeping tabs on the success and efficiency of their web initiatives.

In other words, by analysing ad-related data and then optimising the campaign by addressing them in the most effective manner, the Skro platform lets our customers to make their online campaigns more effective and profitable.

Skro gives partners, businesses, and media buyers access to:

  • Real-time statistics
  • dimensional reports in three
  • Affiliate commission monitoring without cookies (direct tracking with LP Pixel)
  • Data table customisation, multi-cost and payout tracking, and 32 data metrics
  • 15 different currency reports
  • Free onboarding
  • Personalised domains with no cost SSL multiple users’ access Pre-filled templates for Affiliate Networks and Traffic Sources
  • Shopify with Facebook Conversion API integration

Price Information:

€0 per month for free

Initial – €39 per month

Pro Plan: 199 euros per month

€449 per month for the Master Plan


A desktop application called Nifty Stats periodically downloads statistics from your PPC and affiliate marketing programmes.

Affiliate data are automated by Nifty Stats and are shown on your desktop frequently and in real-time. It is 100 percent secure because all communication is restricted to your computer and the affiliate programme server.


GoAffPro – Regardless of the e-commerce platform you are using, this affiliate tracking software is free to use and includes a simple way to add an affiliate channel to your marketing efforts.


Offer18 has quickly developed into one of the best affiliate marketing platforms in the globe, however it is not free. Despite this, it is still quite reasonable.

Offer18, which is respected by many advertisers, agencies, ad networks, and affiliates, consistently emphasises the value of providing customers with the greatest affiliate marketing solution. What sets apart

Whether an established affiliate network or a new ad network, each will profit from a dedicated account manager and round-the-clock support to take their companies to new heights of success in the digital marketing sector.


Your affiliate programme can be up and running with Reditus in as little as 30 minutes.

Every SaaS company, in our opinion, ought to implement an affiliate programme to boost sales.

We do this by offering a free version and a little cost to be included in our marketplace.


Last but not least. Pretty Link is my personal favourite affiliate link tracking plugin because it offers the most flexibility for link tracking and shortening.

You may appear more professional by using your domain name with Pretty Links. comprising the free variation.

Important traits include:

  • Redirects 302, 307, and 301 are selectable from a straightforward drop-down menu.
  • Gutenberg is now supported in the Block Builder, making it simple to incorporate affiliate links.
  • You may organise your MANY affiliate links using link categories.
  • Your WordPress website can be converted into a shortlink generator (like using public link creation.
  • Direct social sharing buttons can be inserted into posts and pages.

The Benefits of Affiliate Software

Any small business or startup that lacks the funding to begin an affiliate programme has found it to be a benefit that there are free and open-source affiliate marketing and tracking solutions available. New and prospective business owners will make full use of their key features to easily manage marketing tactics, commissions, and affiliate results.

Additionally, many software providers provide a brief free trial period so consumers can try the programme before deciding to buy the commercial version to suit their business needs.

Any backend of a reference tool that counts and keeps track of affiliate sales is referred to as affiliate sales tracking software. It doesn’t matter if you call it CPA tracking or affiliate sales tracking.

What Are the Most Vital Justifications for Using Affiliate Software?

What elements, in your opinion, are most likely to lead reputable digital marketing firms and other industries to release the best affiliate monitoring software? This blog post focuses on the tool’s most obvious and quantifiable benefits.

Rank Higher on Search Engines: It’s clear that you employ a variety of optimisation strategies to raise the visibility of your website on search engines. You’ll be relieved to find that the process can be sped up by combining affiliate marketing tools with organic SEO tactics.

Product promotion has advanced: Affiliate tools have merely abandoned all traditional methods of promoting goods and services. All of the affiliate programme details must be entered manually into your software. 

Real-time and Detailed Reporting: Providing prompt and thorough information was one area where traditional affiliate marketing techniques fell short. Affiliate tracking programmes have helped to solve many of these issues. 

Automating the sales process is made possible by affiliate software programmes. It essentially means that the company is set on autopilot. All management is handled by the programme, freeing you up to focus on other important areas of the company.

Pay-per-performance: The capability to pay a fee based on affiliate sales is another area in which affiliate software tools shine. You don’t have to pay additional marketing costs because affiliates will handle the product marketing.

As was already established, there were some obstacles in traditional affiliate marketing tactics that made it possible for marketers to engage in criminal marketing practises like defrauding merchants.

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