The Top 12 Marketing Automation for Agencies

79 percent of high-performing businesses employ marketing automation and have done so for at least three years. It is not unexpected. Marketing and sales departments can profit greatly from using marketing automation tools. It can decrease overhead costs, grow revenue, boost productivity, and free up time. 

By helping your agency clients achieve their goals and become more agile, high-performing, and responsive, you can demonstrate your value to their success.

You might need to gain their support as you look into the best marketing automation software. Which software is suitable for their specific demands, then, is the next query. 

What processes must be automated?

What you wish to automate will ultimately determine which software you choose. If you’re unsure, start by outlining each stage that your client’s marketing strategy involves. Then, indicate which tasks require human involvement and which could be better left to robots. This latter list will then turn into a list of capabilities that marketing automation software must offer. 

Your list might contain things like:

  • sending prospects or clients prewritten emails
  • scoring and qualifying leads 
  • construction of landing pages, surveys, and forms
  • posting content on social media platforms
  • SMS texting
  • Bringing metrics together and giving reports

For each of these activities, there is, fortunately, marketing automation software. You can start putting the top 10 marketing automation software choices for agencies in 2022 to the test for your clients right away because we’ve carefully chosen them (based on features, usability, and user reviews).

The Top 12 Marketing Automation Platforms to Take into Account 


Since Sharpspring is a platform made for agencies, you can be sure that it will immediately meet your demands. Users claim that it’s user-friendly, packed with features, and reasonably priced.

Important features: Workflow builder, Landing pages, Blogs, Analytics, Visitor ID, Forms, Email, and Visitor ID in CRM.

  • It raises the conversation rates of agencies.
  • The consumer experience is enhanced. 
  • Builders for landing pages and emails are lacking in some logical functionality and display capabilities.

Price: $399 per month to start


One of the most well-known programmes available is called Marketo. From lead management and email to mobile marketing, it includes a toolkit for every aspect of your digital marketing plan. It is a fantastic option for agencies of all sizes and specialisations because it features outstanding customisation tools.

Lead management, email, mobile, account-based marketing, social, content AI, and online retargeting are some of the key features.

  • Marketo is a fantastic option for agencies of all sizes and specialisations because of its outstanding customisation features. 
  • The landing page builder has a tendency to lag.

Cost: $1,195 per month


It would be negligent of us to omit our solution from the list. Small and medium-sized businesses that frequently include email marketing into their digital initiatives should use BenchmarkONE. Customers adore our automated lead scoring method, as well as the price, constant feature additions, and customer service.

Lead management, email integration, advanced segmentation, lead scoring, form development, and CRM are important features.

  • beautiful email templates.
  • the number of clicks per email.
  • For people with little to no technical experience, it is simple to use
  • a responsive and top-notch support staff. 
  • The fundamental form’s layout should be enhanced. 
  • Free trial, a premium version, premium consulting, and integration services are available.

Price: $99 per month to start


If you already use Salesforce, Pardot, its marketing automation product, might be a wise choice. Due to its emphasis on increasing marketing effectiveness, Pardot is appropriate for large businesses. It makes it possible for the sales and marketing teams to work together, engage customers, and shorten the sales cycle. 

Find many plans for various crucial tasks, like lead scoring, email marketing, forms and landing sites, and more.

Key characteristics: Lead management, email, and sales facilitation

  • simple to use and control. 
  • The functionality is identical to Hubspot’s.
  • Due of its high cost, it is not appropriate for startups.

Price: $1250 per month to start


Customers of Hubspot adore the variety of inbound marketing solutions the company offers, which span all aspects of the buyer’s journey. The emphasis that Hubspot places on blogging, SEO, social networking, and website automation technologies may be particularly pleasing to content marketing businesses.

Lead management, blogging, landing pages, email, social networking, SEO, and advertisements are some of the essential elements.

  • reduces reliance on human labour
  • Suitable for small, developing agencies
  • The templates provided by Hubspot may be challenging to edit without CSS knowledge.

Price: Beginning at $45 per month.


Compared to some big guns, this marketing automation solution is less expensive yet almost as effective. Act-On can manage contact lists for various groups, which is a huge benefit for businesses with a large clientele. It also enables you to just pay for the contacts you really communicate with, which can save you a tonne of money.

Email, lead scoring, multiple list building, advertisements, landing pages, and gated content are key features.

  • It’s easy to use the setup.
  • Lead generation campaigns are simple to implement.
  • a number of integration tools.
  • User experience and interface are average.

Cost: beginning at $900 per month


Users of NetResults indicate that this marketing automation technology is simple to set up and use, as well as offering outstanding value when compared to some of the industry leaders. It’s the best end-to-end solution for agencies because it has excellent features. 

Key attributes: CRM integration, lead management, social media management, and email building

  • simple to use and for creating emails.
  • The Net-Results support staff is very approachable, quick to respond, and goal-oriented.
  • Excellent reporting and metrics abilities.
  • A/B testing’s limited capabilities.
  • Report customization and filtering are somewhat limited.

Price: $800 and above.


eTrigue touts a very user-friendly user interface with features made especially for B2B marketing. Although some users feel that the reports may be a little better, eTrigue’s excellent customer service seems to make up for this.

Email, CRM connection, Google AdWords, and website tracking are key features. 

lead alerts, forms, customization, webinar integration

  • Quick email marketing campaigns using a drag and drop builder
  • comprehensive dashboard reports
  • Personalised lead scoring is not very flexible.
  • Integrations are not many.

Cost: beginning at $600 per month

Current Campaign

Advanced automation capabilities in Active Campaign make this software very beneficial for agencies. Create simple triggers for automated email campaigns and other admin activities by segmenting your audiences.

Lead management, email, sophisticated segmentation, contact management, sophisticated reporting and analytics, and social analysis are important aspects.

  • provides adaptable marketing automation features
  • granular customer information and insights
  • The learning and mastery of Active Campaign take time and effort. 

Cost: $9 to $229 per month


DotDigital’s automation interface is extremely powerful yet simple to use, making it ideal for smaller businesses and non-technical users. Customers are frequently pleased with the product’s value and customer support.

Email, Integrations, SMS, and Mobile are the main features. Landing Pages, Forms and Surveys, Analytics and Reporting

  • Stunning templates 
  • navigate with ease.
  • lacks the ability to track emails that have been sent.
  • Free trial and custom quote-based pricing available for purchase


Eloqua is one of the most adaptable marketing automation platforms for growing your business’s customer base and revenue. Eloqua’s team makes sure you get the most out of their software.

Alignment between sales and marketing, lead management, AI, and contact segmentation are key characteristics. 


Marketo and Eloqua both have online marketplaces. 

suitable for organisations without financial constraints. 


Eloqua may not be affordable due of its high initial cost. 

Starting around $2,000 per month


If you’re seeking for an all-encompassing CRM tool that will boost your revenue by automating all of your marketing procedures, look no further. One of the top marketing automation programmes for businesses is called Salesmate.

Key features include team inbox, trigger-based automation, forms, contact management, built-in calling, power dialer, and messenger. Email and sales automation

  • appropriate for small enterprises
  • You can estimate your revenue using its sales reports.
  • The ability to share data might be enhanced.

Price: $12 and above.

Don’t let 2022 pass without providing your clients with a go-to marketing automation platform. Find the software that’s perfect for you and watch your marketing and sales offerings improve rather than going through the motions, not getting the results you want, and adding more to your plate than is necessary. 

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