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Texas’s Car Insurance Coverage

Because Texas is known for being large, there are many roads and highways that Texas drivers use on a daily basis. Make sure you have the appropriate Texas auto insurance coverage to protect both you and your vehicle. If you need a quick and free auto insurance quotation for our exceptional coverage, GEICO is here to help, whether you’re new to Texas or simply seeking for a lower cost. With features like 24/7 customer service and a number of vehicle insurance discounts, GEICO offers Texas customers affordable auto insurance that could help you save money.

Discover for yourself why so many Texans are switching their auto insurance to GEICO. Start a Texas auto insurance quote online at any time. It’s free and quick.

Information on Additional Auto Insurance in Your Texas City

Texans are aware that driving conditions vary from city to metropolis. What you require for auto insurance in Houston might not be the same as what you require in Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio. To make the best choice about your auto insurance requirements, make sure to acquire as much information as you can.

Auto Insurance Laws in Texas

You must provide proof of auto insurance in Texas if/when you:

  • Get your vehicle inspected
  • Register a vehicle
  • Complete specific tasks related to your driver’s licence.
  • are towed by a police vehicle

In Texas, driving without insurance carries a maximum $1,000 fine in addition to additional yearly licence fees. Make sure you have at least the bare minimum of necessary auto insurance coverage to save yourself the pain and headache.

Texas Car Insurance Requirements

Texas mandates that all motorists carry the following minimum levels of auto insurance:

  • Liability for bodily injury: $30,000 per individual and $60,000 per accident
  • Liability for property damage: $25,000
  • Unless you choose to decline this coverage, personal injury protection (PIP) is worth $2,500.
  • Unless you choose to decline this coverage, uninsured motorist bodily injury is $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident.
  • Unless you choose to decline this policy, uninsured motorist property damage is $25,000 and has a $250 deductible.

Even though these are the bare minimums that Texas law mandates, every individual’s insurance requirements vary. For a tailored recommendation, use our coverage calculator.

Mexico Auto Insurance for Tourists

Are you arranging a road trip to Mexico? We could assist you in obtaining auto insurance for your trip to Mexico as a GEICO auto policyholder.

Information about Texas Vehicle Registration
Acquire a Texas driving licence

Newcomers to Texas with valid driver’s licences from their home states have 90 days from their date of admission to obtain a Texas driver’s licence.

Candidates must be at least 18 years old and have a current out-of-state driver’s licence in order to:

  • Give identification documentation
  • provide your Social Security number as proof
  • If you own a car, show proof of Texas vehicle registration and liability insurance.
  • Available at any Texas Driver Licence office are the necessary forms in full.
  • Spend the needed amount
  • ace the eyesight test
  • If you currently possess a legitimate out-of-state driver’s licence, you must relinquish it at the driving licence office.
When submitting your application, kindly include:
  • a finished Form 130-U, Application for Texas Certificate of Title
  • original out-of-state title or a current document proving foreign or military ownership
  • If you have a foreign ownership document, you must submit a completed Form VTR-68-A and evidence of compliance with all applicable U.S. Department of Transportation safety regulations.
  • Vehicle Identification Certificate issued by a safety inspection facility that has been authorised
  • valid evidence of liability insurance that complies with Texas regulations
  • If the car is less than ten model years old, the reading on the odometer at the moment
  • If you haven’t previously registered the vehicle in another state, sales or use tax verification.
Teen Driving Laws in Texas

If your Texas teen is almost old enough to drive, you should both be aware of the following:

  • A learner’s permit may be applied for at age 15. Young drivers are now permitted to practise driving if they are accompanied by a licenced driver who is at least 21 years old.
  • After successfully completing: drivers may then apply for a provisional licence at age 16.
  • possess a learners’ or hardship licence that has been active for at least six months;
  • complete the driver education programme in the classroom and on the road;
  • completing the Impact Texas Teen Driver (ITTD) training programme;
  • pass the driving test with a passing grade.
  • They can drive with a provisional licence until they turn 18, at which point all restrictions are removed.
discount for students in Texas

If a student satisfies the requirements listed below, both drivers and their parents may be qualified for the good student discount.

  • a minimum age of 16 to 25; and
  • enrolled full-time (high school, college, or home school) at an educational institution; and
  • maintains a 3.0 GPA or a “B” average
Agents for Texas Insurance

From Abilene to San Antonio, we have devoted Texas insurance agents available to address any inquiries you may have regarding a GEICO auto insurance coverage. We’re also always accessible through our acclaimed app. See how we’re simplifying insurance in the app with features like 1-click bill payment, digital ID cards, on-demand roadside assistance, and more. Get our award-winning app right away.

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