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Whenever time you get an accidental injury on any sort of vessel in the Sea, an offshore accident attorney fights for your rights. It’s crucial that you work with a Houston offshore accident attorney who will fully analyse the claim to establish liability and the relevant legal standards. Get a free consultation appointment with Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Injury & Accident Lawyers to discuss your offshore injury claim. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you won’t have to pay anything up front or for legal services until we win your case.Contact us right away at 888-998-1943.

The Offshore Injuries Claim is being looked into.

You need an offshore accident lawyer who will properly research the claim to determine which legislation applies. The organisations responsible for offshore vessels maintain incredibly thorough records and logs. Furthermore, visiting the place and doing an inspection is the best way to tell the story in catastrophic injury instances. To fully understand the circumstances surrounding an incident, Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. can inspect the scene and retain and bring in experts as needed.

Which Legislation is Relevant in an Offshore Accident?

For offshore accident claims, a substantial body of state and federal legislation is relevant. They consist of:

  • Act on Longshoremen and Harbor Workers
  • Moore Act
  • Personal injury laws by state
  • claims for federal torts.
  • Without an offshore accident lawyer, navigating these laws would be like sailing without a map.
  • Act Concerning Harbor and Longshoremen’s Compensation

It stipulates the payment of damages in the event that an individual becomes disabled or passes away while engaged in employment near American navigable waters.

Moore Act

The Jones Act allows for compensation for pain and suffering, incapacity, medical costs, and lost income for covered employees. The offshore injury attorney for the worker must demonstrate that the damages were brought on by their client’s fault.The Jones act has a lower standard of proof than most other areas of law, nevertheless. Because you only need to tip the scales of justice slightly in your favour to prevail, it is known as a “featherweight burden.” This benefits the hurt worker and his offshore accident attorney greatly.

The Jones Act covers a number of mishaps, including:

  • Oil Rig Mishap
  • Maritime Oil Tanker Mishap
  • Drillship Mishap
  • Vacation ship mishap
  • Riverboat Mishap
  • Barge Mishap
  • The Shrimp Boat Mishap
  • Tug Boat Mishap

State Personal Injury Legislation and Offshore Injury

State personal injury laws could apply to offshore injuries that are not protected by the aforementioned regulations. The proximity of the collision often determines which state law is applicable. You should engage an offshore injury attorney to find out which avenues of recovery are open to you under maritime law because the laws differ from state to state and the aforementioned Acts may also apply.

Limits on Liability for Offshore Accidents

The statute of limitations is a date by which you must file your injury lawsuit or claim or you forfeit your right to do so. The statute of limitations may also change since offshore injuries may be covered by various Federal and State statutes. To learn more about your rights and restrictions, you should speak with an offshore injury attorney right away. Please read on for additional details:

What Statute of Limitations Applies to Personal Injury Cases in Admiralty and the Maritime Sector?

No Win, No Charge

You don’t pay a dollar to Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. unless we successfully collect money for you. The initial consultation is provided without charge both in person and via phone at our Houston office. Contact us at 1-800-198-0111 to speak with an offshore accident lawyer who will represent your interests.

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