Most Affordable Oklahoma Auto Insurance Quotes

In Oklahoma, Progressive provides the cheapest minimum coverage auto insurance. For some categories of drivers, GEICO, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Mercury, and Farmers also offer the most affordable coverage.

The best Oklahoma auto insurance should be sought out by those who want to find a balance between cost and service quality.

Oklahoma’s Minimum Liability Auto Insurance Rates (May 2023)

The most affordable companies in Oklahoma offering minimal coverage policies are:

  • Increasing: $247 annually
  • Mercury: $268 annually

According to the businesses MoneyGeek looked at, Allstate has the highest average annual premium in the state for this level of coverage at $1,267.

The state’s minimum auto insurance laws only cover bodily insurance liability (BIL) and property damage liability (PDL).

Oklahoma’s lowest cost full coverage auto insurance (as of May 2023)

According to MoneyGeek, the following insurance providers in Oklahoma offer full coverage policies at the lowest prices:

  • GEICO: $806 annually
  • Mercury costs $832 a year.

Allstate charges about $2,044 yearly for full coverage, making it the most costly insurance in the state.

If you choose to get full coverage in place of a minimum coverage insurance, you will pay a higher annual premium. Full coverage insurance costs $448 more than minimum coverage insurance at GEICO.

You will be financially protected from both on- and off-road accidents with the full coverage policy. Off-road incidents include damage from weather, fire, theft, and other events, whereas on-road incidents include hitting a tree or being involved in a hit-and-run.

How much insurance you require will have a big impact on your premium. The MoneyGeek sample full coverage policy offers liability protection for the following:

  • $100,000 in physical harm per person
  • $300,000 for each accident-related injury
  • Property damage of $100,000 per incident

Although doing so increases the possibility that an accident won’t be sufficiently covered and could leave you financially liable to a significant loss, drivers who are wanting to save money can attempt lowering their liability limits, selecting basic coverage insurance, or raising the deductible.

How to Compare Online Rates for Cheap Oklahoma Car Insurance

Online quote tools for car insurance are frequently available, and they can take up to 15 minutes to complete and require the entry of personal data. Additionally, entering your information on numerous insurance websites to compare rates takes more effort.

To get a quick quote without having to submit personal information to many insurers, MoneyGeek offers an auto insurance calculator. To begin, select your age, gender, and driving history.

Oklahoma’s cheapest auto insurance by age (as of May 2023)

One of the main elements influencing Oklahoma’s auto insurance prices is age. Depending on the age category you and your family fall into, MoneyGeek discovered that Allstate or GEICO offer the most affordable solutions on average.

Cheapest Family and Teen Auto Insurance in Oklahoma (May 2023)

The following companies usually offer Oklahoma’s cheapest car insurance for young drivers who are protected by a parent’s policy:

  • Allstate: $1,948 for male youths and $1,833 for female teens annually
  • Increasing: $2,296 annually for male teenagers State Farm: $1,866 annually for teenage girls

Farmers charges the highest fee for adding young drivers to a parent’s policy, at an average of $2,753 for boys and $2,598 for girls every year.

A 16-year-old who is covered by their parents’ insurance will pay these rates. Adding a teen to your insurance typically costs less than getting them their own policy. Typically, it is against the law for a teen under 18 to buy auto insurance. They need a parent or legal guardian to sign as a co-signer.

The average annual cost of insurance for a 16-year-old Oklahoman is $6,344, as opposed to $2,391 if their parents add them to an existing policy. The $3,953 differential is a substantial difference.

As they get older, teenagers in the U.S. often pay less for auto insurance, with rates for those under 19 being the lowest. Allstate ($1,714) has the lowest premiums in Oklahoma for males aged 19 and older.

Young Adults in Oklahoma with the Cheapest Car Insurance (May 2023)

The following businesses in Oklahoma provide young folks with the most affordable vehicle insurance rates:

  • GEICO: $975 annually
  • Mercurial: $1,109 annually

Allstate gives young adults the most expensive auto insurance plan in the state, with an average yearly premium of $2,261.

In Oklahoma, 25-year-old drivers pay around $169 more for their insurance coverage with GEICO than 40-year-olds do.

Oklahoma’s most affordable car insurance for seniors (as of May 2023)

The following insurance companies in Oklahoma have the most affordable premiums for seniors:

  • GEICO: $846 annually
  • Mercury: $926 annually

Allstate has the most expensive auto insurance for seniors over 65 and charges an average of $2,265 per year.

According to our estimations for GEICO, drivers in their 60s typically pay $40 more for vehicle insurance per year than middle-aged drivers. Rates keep rising when drivers reach their 70s and 80s.

Oklahoma seniors who purchase insurance from Allstate, GEICO, Shelter, Mercury, and Farmers are entitled to certain discounts. The easiest method to obtain reasonably priced and competitive coverage is to compare providers because age is only one factor that insurers examine when deciding premiums.

Lowest Car Insurance Rates for Drivers with a Higher Risk (May 2023)

The most reasonable rates for drivers in Oklahoma with fines, at-fault accidents, and DUIs are provided by GEICO, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, and Mercury, respectively. Auto insurance premiums are often higher for drivers who have a history of moving infractions.

You can gradually improve your profile and get better rates by signing up for state-approved driving schools and routinely checking your driving record for inaccuracies.

Oklahoma’s Most Affordable Auto Insurance After a Ticket

The following vehicle insurance companies in Oklahoma give the most cost-effective full coverage policies for motorists who have earned a speeding ticket:

  • GEICO: $1,083 annually
  • Mercurial: $1,123 annually

Allstate is the most expensive insurer in the state for this category of offender, with annual premiums averaging $2,369 per year. In Oklahoma, receiving a speeding ticket can result in an average $258 increase in your auto insurance rates. Additionally, you’ll be charged a speeding ticket extra for at least three years.

Cheapest Post-Accident Auto Insurance in Oklahoma

These businesses offer the least expensive full coverage vehicle insurance policies for Oklahoma drivers having an at-fault collision on their records:

  • Farm Bureau of Oklahoma: $1,424 annually
  • GEICO: $1,491 annually

The highest average premium, $2,758 per year, is imposed by Allstate for drivers who have a history of accidents where they were at fault. Having a car accident in Oklahoma could result in a $569 increase in the yearly premium, based on our average rate estimations. Additionally, for at least three years, insurers will add an at-fault accident ticket surcharge to your insurance price.

Oklahoma’s most affordable auto insurance after a DUI

If you have a DUI on your record, these are the least expensive options for full coverage vehicle insurance in Oklahoma:

  • Mercurial: $1,044 annually
  • Increasing: $1,257 annually

Allstate is the most expensive insurer in the state for this particular violation, with an average annual rate for DUI drivers of $2,790. In Oklahoma, a DUI normally increases your annual premium by $504 and affects your driving record for at least 10 years.

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with bad credit in Oklahoma (May 2023)

Customers with bad credit in Oklahoma can get the best deals from the insurance providers listed below:

  • Mercurial: $1,156 annually
  • GEICO: $1,281 annually

The average yearly car insurance price for those with poor credit at State Farm is $4,061, making it the most in the state.

Insurance companies take your credit-based insurance score into account when calculating your rate. In Oklahoma, consumers with credit scores below 580 may find that their vehicle insurance costs are on average $750 higher than those with scores higher than 750.

Most vehicle insurers increase insurance premiums to protect against loss because drivers with bad credit histories are more likely to file claims. Oklahoma, like many other jurisdictions, allows insurers to use your credit history when determining premiums.

If your credit score improves over time, your insurance premium might decrease, but you might also search for insurers that offer discounts to help offset rate increases brought on by your credit.

Cheapest Sports Car Insurance in Oklahoma (May 2023)

The cheapest insurance prices in Oklahoma are provided by the following companies:

  • Farmer: $1,008 annually
  • GEICO: $1,122 annually

With an average yearly premium of $2,211, Allstate is the most costly supplier of sports car insurance in the Sooner State.

Due to the higher maintenance and replacement costs of sports cars, sports car insurance is typically more expensive to purchase than standard auto insurance. For instance, in Oklahoma, owners of sports cars pay an average of $272 more annually for auto insurance than owners of Toyota Camry LE.

MoneyGeek utilised a Ford Mustang for the aforementioned pricing, but the brand and model of the car can have a big impact on insurance costs. Electric, luxury, and sports automobiles typically have higher insurance rates than other makes and models.

Military drivers can get the best car insurance rates in Oklahoma as of May 2023.

In Oklahoma, GEICO offers the cheapest auto insurance for service members, with an average annual cost of $806.

With an average annual cost of $1,283, USAA also offers veterans and active-duty military personnel affordable auto insurance in Oklahoma. Its services are accessible in all 50 states and are designed specifically for people with military experience; USAA coverage is not offered to the general public.

Cheapest auto insurance by city in Oklahoma

The cost of vehicle insurance in Oklahoma depends on a number of factors, including your city of residence and even your ZIP code. Residents of regions with greater rates of theft, vandalism, or accidents are more likely to file insurance claims, which results in higher insurance premiums.

According to our research, Mercury provides auto insurance in Tulsa for the lowest annual cost—$908—in all of Oklahoma. In Oklahoma City ($957), Broken Arrow ($965), and Norman ($1,058), Mercury is also the least expensive choice.

Compare the average cost of auto insurance in Oklahoma cities using the table.

What You Need to Know About Car Insurance in Oklahoma

Drivers in Oklahoma are required to provide documentation of their financial stability in order to lawfully register and operate their vehicle. A certificate of insurance or an insurance card can serve as proof of insurance, which is typically the case. Both bodily injury liability and property damage liability are required in Oklahoma.

requirements for auto insurance in Oklahoma

While the minimum liability limits mandated by state law are necessary to drive legally, they are likely insufficient in the event of an accident. In Oklahoma, both property damage protection and bodily injury protection are included in the minimum liability coverage requirements. For greater financial security, MoneyGeek suggests purchasing the most liability insurance you can afford.

In most jurisdictions, drivers whose licences have been suspended or revoked as a result of DUI/DWI convictions, traffic infractions, or operating a vehicle without insurance are required to file an SR-22 insurance form. Oklahoma, however, does not have this condition.

Damage to Property Liability

Every driver in Oklahoma is required to carry $25,000 in property damage liability insurance. Any damages in excess of $25,000 must be paid out of your own pocket if you are responsible for an accident that causes property damage to someone else.

Liability for Physical Injury

If you cause an accident, bodily injury liability coverage will pay for the victims’ medical expenses. The bare minimum of coverage is $50,000 per accident and $25,000 per person.

MoneyGeek advises purchasing bodily injury liability insurance with minimum limits of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident, as well as raising the property damage coverage to $100,000, for further financial security. If you lease or loan your car, comprehensive and collision insurance can be necessary.

If your car is damaged in an off-road accident, comprehensive insurance will pay for any necessary repairs or replacements. Theft, fire, vandalism, and weather-related events are a few examples of these scenarios. If your automobile is damaged in an on-road collision with another vehicle or an immobile object like a telephone pole or tree, collision coverage will pay to repair or replace it.

MoneyGeek suggests comprehensive and collision insurance for folks with pricey vehicles even though it is not necessary.

Alternatives to Car Insurance in Oklahoma

For each vehicle they register, drivers in Oklahoma have the option of posting a $75,000 bond to the state’s department of public safety as proof of their financial responsibility in place of car insurance.

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