Maritime Lawyer New Orleans

The majority of admiralty and maritime law concerns with how the law is applied to navigable seas. “Navigable waters” often refers to oceans, sizable lakes, and rivers where commercial shipping is possible. Territorial waters and high seas are the subsequent divisions of “navigable waters” that follow. The high seas are farther distant from shore than territorial waters.

Our attorneys at Bruno & Bruno have a wealth of expertise defending clients in admiralty and marine cases. We represent clients who were hurt at sea on offshore platforms and drilling rigs, in navigable waterways, or while working in harbours in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Chalmette, and our Covington office also represents persons in Covington, Mandeville, Madisonville, and Slidell.

We are knowledgeable about maritime and admiralty law and work with a broad spectrum of clients, such as recreational boat owners and significant maritime businesses. The lawyers at Bruno & Bruno can assist you whether you were harmed on a cruise ship as a result of the ship’s condition or you own a boat and were hurt because another boat captain was operating it while intoxicated. Our attorneys have experience with these kinds of matters as well as defending shipowners in Jones Act actions involving sailor injuries.

Regardless of whether an accident occurred on land or at sea, the long-term physical and psychological ramifications can be absolutely devastating. However, the regulations governing accidents that occur in navigable waters are very different. Our attorneys are familiar with the particular subtleties of these regulations and are skilled at defending your interests and obtaining the just recompense you want.

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