Hail Damage Car Insurance Claim Policy

Owning one of the 276 million registered vehicles in the US. Maintaining your car is probably a top priority for you. If you live in a stormy area, weather damage can make this difficult, and hail damage is no exception. Here are Hail Damage Car Insurance Claim Policy.

Hail damage such as dents and scratches can significantly lower the value of your car. Increase your insurance deductible, and make you feel embarrassed while driving. But how much can hail damage reduce a car’s value? Continue reading to find the solution to this query and discover how you might shield yourself from experiencing it.

How Much Does Initial Hail Damage Lower a Car’s Value?

Your car’s value will be reduced by however much the repairs will cost if hail damage is left unattended. If your car is worth $30,000. But has hail damage worth $7,000, you can only get $23,000 for it when you sell it. This makes sense if you take into account. That the seller would have to pay to fix the damage after the sale.

You will also have to deal with the problem of your car’s overall curb appeal. Your automobile will appear older and more worn-out if it has hail damage, regardless of how new it is. Your car’s value could decrease even more as a result because of how it looks.

What about harm caused by smaller stones, though? How much does a car lose in value from minor hail damage?

The value of an automobile can be reduced by dents and dings caused by hail as small as a pea. The value still declines even though they won’t degrade it as much as damage from heavier hail.

Damage from hail and future value

The aforementioned damages show how hail directly affects your car, but hail damage also has a number of long-term effects that can lower vehicle value.

Your car’s paint shields the exterior metal from damage. Paint is scratched, cracked, and chipped by hail. This exposes the metal, allowing moisture to infiltrate into its crevices. This can cause the metal to corrode and rust quickly, severely harming it.

This is particularly significant because rust is a type of corrosion that can cause both aesthetic and structural problems. Because the cost of repairing corrosion-related problems exceeds the cost of the rusty automobile itself, nobody wants to invest in one. Buyers might even be better off spending their money on a brand-new vehicle, depending on how bad the corrosion is.

A single half-centimeter patch of rust will often reduce the value of your car by 15%. This is around the size of a single hail dent. Imagine the harm that many rusty patches would do to your car!

The easiest method to avoid this rust is to prevent it, so make sure to fix any hail damage right once to stop water from corroding your car after a hailstorm.

Additional Hail Damage Costs

You should also consider additional expenses linked to an increase in your insurance premium if you don’t repair hail damage. If you don’t fix the damage, the increase will depend on your particular insurance plan but is practically unavoidable.

Additionally, rust will weaken the structural integrity of your car, making it more vulnerable to leaks and severe weather damage. This may result in mould problems or even the possibility of your car’s roof collapsing while you’re driving (yes, it does happen!).

Not only can these safety concerns cause a great deal of pain and suffering, but they can also increase medical expenses and health insurance premiums.

Because no one wants to deal with a safety concern, unsafe autos will have the lowest value available. They may just as easily be taken to a junkyard. Fortunately, there are steps you can do to prevent hail damage from progressing to this stage and return the value of your car to its pre-damage condition.

How to Reduce Hail Damage’s Effects

You could worry about having to wait weeks to get your car fixed, spending too much on repairs, or getting a shoddy restoration. These are legitimate worries because many companies will require weeks to finish your repairs. Fortunately, Express Auto Hail Repair can finish your repairs within 48 hours, allowing you to quickly regain confidence in your car.

  • Online 3-Minute Express Estimates are free. 
  • Receive a free 1-hour custom estimate where professionals examine the damage and provide an accurate quotation (a $580 value, completely free).
  • Take your car home till the time comes for the repairs.
  • After we’ve handled your insurance claim, bring the automobile back for repairs.
  • Bringing a fully refurbished car home in less than 48 hours
  • In the event that you have full coverage insurance, you might not have to pay anything.

Additionally, if you have full coverage insurance and are one of our first 200 customers after a storm, we will cover the whole cost of your deductible. Additionally, all repairs come with a lifetime warranty, so you won’t have to worry about the cost of repairs depreciating the value of your car. You can feel secure knowing that our skilled professionals have your best interests in mind. 

Repair the hail damage to your car today.

How much does hail damage reduce a car’s worth, then?

Depending on the extent of the harm. It’s crucial to get any damage assessed right away since in some situations, corrosion from hail-related rust might reduce your car’s worth to zero.

Express Auto Hail Repair is dedicated to giving you top-notch repairs in less than 48 hours. Get a free, 3-minute Express Estimate straight now online. At our shop, you may also schedule a 1-Hour Custom Estimate. 

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