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It’s crucial to have automobile insurance in Connecticut that protects you all year long. We can assist you if you’re looking for a vehicle insurance quotation or simply want additional details on how to acquire the best car insurance in CT. Connecticut members and their families have been secured by The Hartford’s AARP® Auto Insurance Programme since 1984. We are proud to have lived in Connecticut for more than 200 years and are honoured to serve the people of this state.

Your Connecticut vehicle insurance should help ensure that you feel secure while driving, regardless of where you reside in the Constitution State. We at The Hartford are known for our honesty, reliability, and high customer satisfaction rates when it comes to auto insurance claims.

How to Get the Best Auto Insurance in Connecticut

Everybody seeks the finest auto insurance. Finding the coverages that best suit your needs in CT entails this. We can assist you in selecting your auto insurance and get for you the kinds of advantages that can actually matter. Connecticut drivers who purchase auto insurance through The Hartford’s AARP Auto Insurance Programme can benefit from features like:

  • Replace with a new vehicle
  • Forgiveness for Mistakes
  • vanishing deductible
  • Continuous Claim Service
Reduced rates for Connecticut auto insurance

You may be eligible for discounts if you are an AARP member to lower the cost of your auto insurance. We provide savings on auto insurance for:

  • Anti-theft technologies, like alarms or tracking devices
  • If your vehicle has more than one, airbags
  • fuel type of the car, such as an electric or hybrid vehicle
  • Students that fulfil certain criteria, such as enrolling full-time in an eligible school and maintaining a particular grade point average
  • Safe driving incentives, such a defensive driving course
  • the combination of your house and car insurance coverage
  • If you pay your complete premium up front, your insurance is fully paid.
Connecticut requirements for auto insurance coverages

Each state has its own requirements for auto insurance. We’ll take into account the Connecticut auto insurance requirements when providing you with a quote. The following minimum limits for liability insurance are mandated by the state for drivers: 2

  • Insurance coverage for bodily injury is $25,000 per person and per accident.
  • $50,000 per accident for total bodily injury
  • $25,000 for liability insurance covering property damage, per incident

Drivers must have uninsured motorist bodily injury insurance in Connecticut. Consequently, the minimal levels of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage are included in your vehicle insurance quote:3

  • $25,000 per individual
  • Total per accident: $50,000

If you are in a collision with a motorist who either doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough coverage, this insurance may assist cover your medical expenses.

Drivers don’t have insurance

9.4% of drivers in Connecticut don’t have insurance, according to the Insurance Research Council’s most recent report.4 Despite the fact that this is below the 12.6% national average, it’s still crucial to carry uninsured motorist coverage. Without it, if the other motorist doesn’t have insurance, you’ll be responsible for covering your own medical expenses.

Drivers in Connecticut are required to maintain documentation of auto insurance and registration in their vehicles at all times in addition to the required minimum levels of coverage. We make obtaining proof of insurance simple for you. Request insurance documentation by calling 800-423-6789, or print your ID cards online by logging into the Customer Service Centre.

Additional Automobile Insurance Protections for Connecticut Drivers

We make it simple for drivers in Connecticut to customise their insurance coverage. The following auto insurance options are available to add:

  • Detailed auto insurance
  • collision protection
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Coverage for reimbursement of rental cars
  • Towing service
Safety on Connecticut’s Roads

To drive safely in Connecticut, bear the following rules in mind:5

Connecticut’s seatbelt regulations:

One of the 34 states with a mandatory seat belt law is Connecticut. This means that without committing any additional traffic infractions, police officers can issue a citation to a driver or passenger for failing to buckle up.

Distracted driving laws in Connecticut:

Connecticut has several rules in place to prevent distracted driving, including:

  • In Connecticut, it is illegal for any driver to use a hand-held phone.
  • In Connecticut, new drivers are not permitted to use handheld or hands-free smartphones.
  • In Connecticut, texting while driving is prohibited.
Teen Driver Laws in Connecticut:

To guarantee that teenagers acquire the experience and maturity needed to be safe behind the wheel, Connecticut has graduated licencing legislation. Such laws:

  • Limit driving at night
  • Make sure to practise driving under supervision enough.
  • Limit the amount of teenagers riding along
Get CT car insurance estimates right now.

Working with a car insurance provider you can rely on is essential, whether you’re travelling to the city or the beach.

We are aware that every driver is distinct and has specific needs. Our experts are here to get to know you as a driver and to support you along the road. If you need to submit an accident claim or are seeking for vehicle insurance in Connecticut, get in touch with our experts.While you’re driving, you can relax knowing that we’ve got your back.

Common Questions in Connecticut About Auto Insurance

How Much Does Car Insurance in Connecticut Cost?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Connecticut’s average price for car insurance in 2018 was $1,217. Connecticut ranks as the ninth most costly state for vehicle insurance, with the national average being $1,004. Be aware that the price of your auto insurance is specific to you. A quote for your unique insurance is a smart idea because many circumstances might have a significant impact.

Why Is Connecticut Car Insurance So Expensive?

Costs are affected by the state’s population, the number of drivers, and the income levels. High levels of traffic congestion on Connecticut’s roads might raise the possibility of an accident. Residents in wealthy neighbourhoods may also drive more costly vehicles and purchase more liability insurance, which raises the rate.

Does Connecticut have a no-fault law?

No-fault laws do not apply in Connecticut.7 This implies that you will be liable for any damages if you cause an automobile accident.

What Happens in Connecticut If You Drive Without Insurance?

It is against the law to operate a vehicle in Connecticut without insurance.8 Thus, you may encounter:

  • a $500 maximum fine
  • up to three months in prison

Based on information provided by customers who switched from other carriers to The Hartford between January 1 and December 31, 2020, the average savings amounts were calculated. Your savings could differ. Average savings on home insurance are $120, while average savings on auto insurance are $507. Rate discrepancies between AARP members and non-members fluctuate by state and length of membership. 

Only policyholders who purchase both their house and auto insurance through The Hartford’s AARP Auto & house Insurance Programme are eligible for the Auto/Home discount. Florida is one of the states where the Home product is not offered.

Each state has different RecoverCare benefit levels and availability. The Hartford has registered the trademark The Hartford RecoverCare Advantage.

There are rules and regulations.

There are rules and regulations. CA policyholders cannot use the Disappearing Deductible or Accident Forgiveness.

There are rules and regulations. State-specific availability varies.

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